When should I make a reservation for a dress?

We recommend that your first day of rental is 1 or 2 days before the event where you wish to wear your outfit. This ensures that you will have your outfit in plenty of time so you can relax knowing you’ll be wearing the best outfit there!


Is a signature required for delivery?

No, you will not be required to sign for delivery as we know sometimes things happen and a neighbour or safe place is needed!


Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order before it is delivered you must do so at least 10 days in advance of your chosen delivery date and you will be entitled to receive a full refund. Orders cancelled with less than 10 days notice are still liable to pay the rental fee however delivery will be refunded. If you wish to cancel your order please let us know by contact customer service on contact@lendlab.co.uk.


How far in advance can I reserve my look?

You can reserve your outfit up to 6 months in advance so get booking so you don’t miss out on your favourites!




What happens if my rental isn’t suitable for me?

If your outfit doesn’t fit or just doesn’t do it for you, you have 24 hours after receiving the outfit to drop it off at your local Royal Mail Post Office. If you keep your outfit for over 24 hours then you will be charged the full rental fee for the item. We do understand that life can get in the way, so if you simply can’t get to a local Post Office for any reason please get in touch with us at contact@lendlab.co.uk and we will try to find an alternative solution for you.


Can I extend my rental?

If you wish to keep your outfit for longer than your pre-booked rental time, please get in touch with us on contact@lendlab.co.uk and we will let you know if you are able to extend your rental.


Will the dresses need to be pressed upon arrival?

We do our best to ensure your dress will arrive wrinkle free, however if you receive a dress with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat or hanging it in the bathroom whilst running a hot shower! If you still have any queries please get in touch with contact@lendlab.co.uk


Should I clean my outfit before returning it to LendLab?

No! One of the joys of lending is that we take care of the cleaning for you! Just pop your worn outfit back in the pre-paid returns bag, send it back to us and we’ll do the rest. Try not to worry about any minor marks on the dress as most can be removed by our expert dry cleaners.


What if I accidentally stain or damage my rental?

Whilst we do ask that you treat our dresses with the level of care you would a friends, we understand that accidents can happen! Please try not to panic and under no circumstances should you try and clean or repair the garment yourself. Our dry cleaners should be able to clean and perform minor repairs to most garments. However, in the unlikely event that the garment is damaged beyond repair the fee is the retail price of the item.


What happens if I return my rental late?

Unfortunately, late orders have a domino effect. When you return something late, it means the next person who was planning on wearing that style no longer can. In order to ensure all of customers have an exceptional experience (with an on-time delivery), a late fee of 50% of the rental value per day will be charged to the credit/debit card you used for the order so please make sure you return your rental on time.


How are clothes cleaned?

Every item is dry cleaned thoroughly ready for your rental using a dry cleaning process that is environmentally non-toxic. Visit greenearthcleaning.com to find out more.


How long is a rental? 

Currently our rentals are 7 days but we plan to make this more flexible in the future.