About Us

Ever looked at your over flowing wardrobe and feel like you have NOTHING to wear? Us to!


LENDLAB was created to give you that feeling of never ending fabulousness in the form of a rotating closet that won't put you in the red. Our founder Kate went to 7 weddings last year and spent what could have been a pretty incredible holiday on 7 brand new dresses. Guess how many times she's worn them? Once. Are you recognising yourself yet? Let's not forget 3 or 4 day hen do's... days at the races... parties... It all racks up, in space and money.


Plus there is a very green bonus. It's estimated UK shoppers now own £10bn worth of clothing that they don't wear. We also know that the production of one pair of jeans uses 1,500 gallons of water and emits the equivalent carbon dioxide of driving 78 miles. Now think about the £10bn worth of unworn clothing. Thats a lot of clothing and an enormous impact on the environment.


Let lending be your solution. Hiring outfits from LENDLAB has 3 great outcomes:


1. Save that money for your holiday! Pay a fraction of the retail price for the exact same experience and you even get to keep your wardrobe space free for your absolute fave everyday items you are actually going to wear more than once.

2. Reduce your environmental impact. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world (right after the oil industry), by lending clothing you will reduce this impact.

3. Get unlimited newness! You'll never have to experience that lacklustre feeling of wearing the same outfit again. Welcome to your unlimited wardrobe.


LENDLAB is a brand new independent retailer who understands you, because we are you!